Wide Band Multimode Fiber

OM5 Patch cord

1.Excellent performance and quality of connectivity
for your data center.

2. Transmission rate up to 100 Gbit/s with
only 2 fibers (instead of 8 fibers).

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Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies

Multi-Fiber Patch cord

Multi-fiber pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies
to ease and speed installation
for indoor fiber networking applications.

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Excellent quality & service
to satisfy all your

Custom Solutions

Provide effective solutions
for fiber optic and copper

Your Master Data Center

Transforming Your Data
Center Infrastructure to
Shape Your Future

Optical Transmission Network

Exchange and share data faster and better via fiber equipment.

Enterprise Network

Support independent data processing, storage, transmission and management.

Data Center Network

Provide data platform for networks across private, public and hybrid clouds.

Global Markets

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